About me

My name is Agnieszka Grynkiewicz, I am a dog trainer and a behaviourist.

By education I am a psychologist (UW), for twenty years I ran a strategic consulting company, and for the past ten years I was also a capoeira trainer.
Five years ago I got my mentor and teacher - a dog named Hauva - and here my real adventure with dogs began. Unlike the previous dogs I looked after, Hauva, being a puppy of a wild dog, made me learn a lot about dogs.

I started researching on the Internet, consulting with behaviorists, further courses, training and seminars. With time, I began to advise fellow dog handlers, and they in turn recommended me to other people - so I started working with dogs and their handlers.

Currently I cooperate with "Adopciaki" adoption service, and "Azyl pod Psim Aniołem" shelter.




Already during the first meeting Agnieszka has changed our "problem dog" attitude, and it turned out to be half the success. Zero dogmatism, super practical advices, and above all the feeling that working with a dog doesn't have to be some serious drill. Thanks a lot!
Paweł Tomanek
I' have already been in this doggy world for some time, and one thing I can promise you - no one will teach you how to love your dog like Aga.
Olga Szymska
The best coach!
Robert Rembelski
My Agltana was delighted with the Agnieszka's training. We recommend!
Bianka Filonowicz
Dogfulness is led by Agnieszka, a wonderful person with a huge heart, patience for all beings, great knowledge and sensitivity.
Barbara Żach
Agnieszka is an exceptionally empathetic and intelligent person. Highly recommend!
Emil Woźniak
She helped my dog a lot. Thanks, Aga!
Maja Mosakowska
"Agnieszka's friendly and smiling coach's patience was invaluable to me ..."
Patrycja Romaniuk
Thanks to the Złap Dom Foundation we made contact with Mrs. Agnieszka Grynkiewicz from Dogfulness. She drove miles to help us. Agnieszka is a professorial in every way. She managed to maintain contact with our dog very quickly. She showed us how to work with her to succeed. And you know what? It worked. Leyla after one day of training with Mrs Agnieszka started and came to us, she became more and more brave. I also got a lot of tips and advices on working with Leila. I am very grateful for her help.
Małgorzata Rodak